Best Smart Lock Door Handles

8 Best Smart Lock Door Handles Review

Do you know what one of the biggest challenges most face is when it comes to their home? Having to deal with a traditional lock and key. But, what if I told you that smart home technology has simplified this process for you and given you access to a new door lock solution?

If you’ve been shopping around for the best smart lock door handles, you might be tired of all the information out on the web. There’re so many different smart locks to mention, and they keep coming! We’ve reviewed a bunch of them and narrowed it down to 8 great smart lock door handles. You’ll find our review below along with a short summary of pros/cons for each device.

Our Top Picks

  • Yale Assure Lock SL – Key-Free Touchscreen With Ridgefield Handleset
  • Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint And Touchscreen Smart Lock
  • Kwikset SmartCode 955 Keypad Electronic Lever Door Lock
  • Wandwoo Electronic Door Lock With Bluetooth Mechanical Keys
  • Schlage FE595 CAM 626 Acc Camelot Keypad Entry With Flex
  • YIMOOCH Electronic Keypad Deadbolt With Heavy Duty Door Handle
  • Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt
  • Amazon Basics Grade 3 Electronic Touchscreen Deadbolt Door Lock

How We Chose The Best Smart Lock Door Handles

When choosing a smart lock, we considered the following factors:

How easy is it to install? Does it come with all the pieces needed for installation? Is it compatible with most deadbolt door types?

How does it look? Is it aesthetically pleasing, or will it stand out in an unattractive way among other door handles? Does it come in different colors? How well does it match the color of the door itself? Does it have a keypad that would be exposed, or one that slides in and out of view?

Does the lock work with other smart home devices like cameras, lights, thermostats, etc.? Can you program multiple access codes, and are there different levels of security for those codes (for example, some may only allow access during certain times of day)?

We put some of the best smart locks to the test and chose eight as our top options. Because each lock shines out in its own way, we’ll tell you which ones we prefer and why.

Best Smart Lock Door Handles Reviewed

1. Yale Assure Lock SL – Key-Free Touchscreen With Ridgefield Handle set

The Assure Lock SL features a key-free touchscreen with a backlit, capacitive keypad. The low-profile design frees up space on either side, making it easier to open and close the door. Its battery pack is concealed inside the lock, so you won’t have to worry about the cable or plug being visible. A proximity sensor detects your approach and wakes up the lock, and you can secure your home with a simple touch of a button.

Yale’s Assure Lock SL is an excellent addition to any front door, offering keyless entry via pin or Bluetooth on your smartphone. They have also partnered with HomeKit, allowing you to ask Siri to control the lock for you. Its sleek design and touchscreen feature adds a nice aesthetic to your home. However, due to the fact that it does not come with a deadbolt, it does not provide as much security as a traditional deadbolt.

The touchscreen keypad allows you to program up to 25 custom user codes for friends and family who don’t have smartphones. It also has a built-in alarm system, which will notify you of unusual activity at your door. Installation is easy—it uses the same bolt holes as your standard doorknob, so all you need is a screwdriver.

The lock is powered by four AA batteries (which are included). You can set the lock to automatically re-lock between 30 seconds and 10 minutes after unlocking, and you can also choose whether or not it stays unlocked when you turn off the deadbolt manually.

There are several ways to unlock the door; you can use the touchscreen keypad, enter a code via the keypad or through an app on your smartphone, or use a fingerprint scanner if you prefer. You can also set codes for individual family members as well as visitors and service providers, who will be able to unlock your door using their own code.

The Assure Lock SL is available in two finishes: Satin Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze. It has earned an ANSI Grade 2 residential security rating, so it’s not as strong as some of the other models reviewed here, but it still offers plenty of protection against bad weather and intruders.

2. Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint And Touchscreen Smart Lock

The Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock is a stylish, versatile smart lock with a long list of features.

It’s one of the few that offers both keypad and fingerprint scanning options, as well as an integrated alarm system. The handle is designed to fit on standard doors and can be installed in a matter of minutes. It also works with most deadbolts and comes in three color choices: satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and polished chrome.

The lock can be opened by the touch screen keypad or through the Ultraloq app on your smartphone (iOS and Android), or by physical keys or by fingerprint. It also has a knock-to-open feature so you don’t have to enter your code if your hands are full; simply knock on your smartphone as a way to unlock the door. The UL3 also works with Alexa, Google Home and Siri, so you can unlock the door with your voice.

That’s not all—you can share codes with friends and family to allow them access for tasks like house sitting or dog walking, or you can set up temporary codes for things like maintenance visits or contractors. No need to change the lock when you get new tenants—the UL3 will sense someone new using it and automatically delete the old code.

3. Kwikset SmartCode 955 Keypad Electronic Lever Door Lock

The Kwikset SmartCode 955 Keypad Electronic Lever Door Lock is a solid, modern and secure smart lock that’s backed by one of the most trusted names in the door and security business. We like that this lock can be used with a key or code, which makes it perfect for families who want to keep a physical backup in case the battery goes dead. The lock comes with an electronic deadbolt, so you don’t need to worry about replacing the entire handle. It also has a built-in alarm system that will alert you if someone tries to pick your lock.

The SmartCode 955 offers all of the features you would expect from a smart home lock and then some. It includes two ways to unlock your door: key entry or an onboard touchscreen keypad. This gives you flexibility in how you want to access your home without having to replace your existing hardware. The touchscreen keypad works using Bluetooth technology, so there are no wires or cords needed to install it. You can even set up multiple users on the same device so everyone knows who is coming and going from their homes.

This door lock features a touchscreen keypad that allows you to enter your code directly on the handle, as well as a physical keypad for when you’re in a hurry. The touchscreen can be programmed with up to 30 unique access codes, and is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

4. Wandwoo Electronic Door Lock With Bluetooth Mechanical Keys

This smart lock uses an electronic keypad to open your door. It has a backup mechanical key option, so if you lose your phone or your batteries die, you can still get into your home. It works with Android and iOS devices, and it comes with a free app that lets you monitor who has entered and exited through the door. The lock can also be programmed to remind you when it’s time to change the batteries in the keypad unit.

The Wandwoo smart lock is available in two colors: black and white. It comes with two keys; one is electronic and works with the keypad unit; the other is a manual mechanical key that opens the deadbolt on its own without any help from electronics. The company says that this product also works as an entry sensor — if someone opens the door while their smartphone is connected to it via Bluetooth, they’ll receive an alert on their device telling them that someone has entered or exited through that particular door.

The Wandwoo Electronic Door Lock is a great budget option for smart locks. It’s easy to install. One of the best features of this lock is its ability to work with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. That means you can lock or unlock your door simply by saying a voice command. You can also use the Wandwoo app to manage access from anywhere in the world. This smart lock also comes with a keyless entry pad so you don’t have to fumble around for your keys when you get home.

5. Schlage FE595 CAM 626 Acc Camelot Keypad Entry With Flex Lock

The Schlage FE595 CAM 626 Acc Camelot Keypad Entry With Flex Lock is a great choice for your door handle needs. It offers several advanced features that make it one of the best smart door handles on the market today.

This door handle can be used with both Android and iOS devices, which makes it very easy to use. You can also use this device with Zigbee or Z-Wave technology, so you will have no problem connecting it to your home network or other devices in your home.

The Schlage FE595 CAM 626 Acc Camelot Keypad Entry With Flex Lock comes with a touchscreen keypad that allows you to enter your codes quickly and easily with just a few touches on the screen. There are three different options for entering codes: numeric, alpha-numeric, or using numbers and letters together (such as 12A). This means that there are many different ways for you to input your code into this device without having to worry about remembering which method works best for each part.

This smart lock door handle is designed to work with the Schlage Sense app. It comes with a keyless entry pad, so you can open your door from your phone. It also has a built-in alarm that will go off if someone tries to tamper with it. The lock itself can be programmed for up to 30 unique access codes, so you can share access with family members and guests. It’s also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant, so you can control it with voice commands.

Schlage makes high-quality products, so we expected the Schlage FE595 CAM 626 Acc Camelot Keypad Entry With Flex Lock to be great — but it fell short in several areas. The touch screen was difficult to use at times because of its poor responsiveness; the door lock didn’t always recognize our face as we stood in front of it; and there were times when the app crashed on us completely.

6. YIMOOCH Electronic Keypad Deadbolt With Heavy Duty Door Handle

An electronic lock is considered more secure than a traditional keyed lock. Many smart locks allow you to create and control codes for users, and some even provide the option of being remotely controlled. A YIMOOCH electronic deadbolt lock with heavy duty handle has all of these features as well as several other bonuses, including an auto locking function that allows for one-touch locking, and a manual key override in case of emergency. The YIMOOCH is also equipped with an alarm that detects door tampering, an anti-peep code design that will not let the user enter if they are trying to guess the code at random, and a low-battery indicator.

The YIMOOCH deadbolt is compatible with most standard door preps and fits on doors 1 3/8 inches to 1 3/4 inches thick, making it very versatile in terms of placement. It also comes with a lifetime warranty on mechanical parts and one year on electronics.

If you’re looking for a smart lock that has all of the bells and whistles as well as some added security features that go above and beyond what most smart locks offer, YIMOOCH’s deadbolt with handle may be exactly what you need!

7. Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

The Schlage Connect Camelot touchscreen deadbolt is one of the best smart locks you can buy. It’s easy to install, it looks great and it’s compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri.

This smart lock has a built-in alarm system that alerts you when someone tries to force open your door, which is a good feature for added security. You can also use the Schlage Sense app to lock and unlock your door remotely, making this smart lock perfect for Airbnb hosts or anyone who travels often.

The Schlage Connect Camelot touchscreen deadbolt has a keypad that can be used in place of the touchscreen if necessary. It’s easy enough to use either way and there are no complicated codes or passcodes to remember — just tap on the screen and your door unlocks!

8. Amazon Basics Grade 3 Electronic Touchscreen Deadbolt Door Lock

If you’re looking for a simple, effective smart lock, Amazon Basics Grade 3 Electronic Touchscreen Deadbolt Door Lock is the perfect choice. It’s easy to install, works with Alexa and Google Assistant, and features a touchscreen keypad. You can also set up automatic locking times that suit your lifestyle — for example, you can set it to lock at 5pm every day or when you leave the house.

This lock comes with two keys in case you lose one, but be warned: if you lose both keys, there’s no way to open the lock without drilling out the cylinder inside and replacing it with a new one. If you travel frequently and want access to your home while away from home, this smart lock might not be ideal because there’s no way of programming temporary access codes for guests or cleaners.


The Yale Assure Lock SL was chosen as the greatest overall lock. For the price, the durability, reliability, functionality, and battery life are by far the best we’ve seen.

How To Choose The Best Smart Lock Door Handles

These are the factors considered while buying smart lock.

1. Where Will The Lock Be Used? 

If you want a smart lock for an interior door, then you need to consider how often that door will be used. If it’s rarely opened, then a battery-powered option such as Schlage lock might be suitable as it doesn’t require any wiring. However, if the door is constantly opened and closed throughout the day, then a wired version might be more suitable since it won’t run out of power as quickly as a battery-powered lock would do.

Exterior doors generally need more security than interior doors do because they’re more likely to be exposed to the elements and therefore more susceptible to damage from things like rain or snow when left open for long periods of time during inclement weather conditions.

2. How Often Will The Lock Be Used?

If you plan on using your lock every day, then you’ll want something sturdy enough to withstand constant use. A heavy-duty deadbolt handle might work best here because they’re designed specifically with high traffic areas in mind; however, any metal handle could work well too! The key is finding one that’s durable enough not only for frequent use but also so it can hold up against weather conditions such as rain or snow without rusting or corroding over time (which will eventually happen with any metal).

3. Aesthetics

One of the most important things to consider when looking for smart lock door handles is whether or not they are going to fit in with the general aesthetic of your home. This may seem like a strange thing to worry about, but it’s a common reason why people reject smart lock door handles when they are otherwise perfect for their needs. For example, they might have everything else they need from a smart lock device, but they just don’t like how it looks in relation to other things in the house.


The best smart locks for doors are explained above with all its features and characteristics. It’s up to you to buy one which suits your needs the most.

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