Best Smartphone Door Locks (Android And IOS Compatible)

10 Best Smartphone Door Locks (Android And IOS Compatible)

Have you ever been annoyed by having to use a key to unlock your front door? Or have you ever had to deal with a sticky lock, or one that has frozen over? There are several solutions out there for these problems, and one of the best is the smartphone door lock. It may sound like an expensive luxury item, but in fact it’s an affordable option for anyone who wants to replace their key-and-lock combo with a more convenient alternative.

As appealing as it may sound, you may run into problems if you opt to get a smartphone-enabled door lock. This is due to the fact that there is a vast list of these locks available and choosing the finest might be difficult. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ve done all the legwork for you, researching the best smart locks for your phones based on customer reviews and key characteristics like compatibility, durability, and security.

The ten door locks listed below are terrific selections with desirable features, whether you’re looking to safeguard your front door or replace your existing with a wireless smart door lock that works with smartphones.

Without further ado, let’s start!

List Of The Top-Rated Smartphone Door Locks:

  • Hornbill Smart Door Lock – With Keypad, Keyless Entry Home With Your Smartphone
  • August Smart Lock – Keyless Home Entry With Your Smartphone
  • Assure Touchscreen Keyless Door Lock Featuring Auto-Lock And Smart Phone App
  • Smart Lock, Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint And Touchscreen Electronic Door Lock
  • Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint And Touchscreen Smart Lock
  • Kwikset 98880-004 SmartCode 888 Smart Lock
  • U-Bolt Pro Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint And Keypad Smart Deadbolt
  • Kwikset 99420-001 Aura Bluetooth Programmable Keypad Door Lock
  • Reagle Smart Lock, Bluetooth Keypad Deadbolt, Apple HomeKit Certified
  • Yale Assure Lock SL, Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Deadbolt

Best Smartphone Compatible Smart Locks — Reviews

1. Hornbill Smart Door Lock – With Keypad, Keyless Entry Home With Your Smartphone

If you’re looking for the best smart lock on the market at the moment, this is it. It’s so good, we had trouble believing it was a real product.

It’s incredibly easy to install—no drilling holes in your doorframe needed—and only takes a few minutes. The Hornbill Smart Door Lock also doesn’t require any fancy tools and is made from high-quality materials that are typically found in more expensive locks.

The best part of this lock is its ability to unlock through your smartphone via Bluetooth or with a key code or RFID card (just like a hotel room lock). You can even set auto-lock and auto-unlock settings, so you never have to worry about forgetting to lock your door again. The lock has a long battery life, too, which makes it perfect for people who don’t want to get locked out of their house if their cell phone dies.

We love how easy it is to use! The smartphone app automatically unlocks when you approach the door and locks when you leave, so you’ll always know that your home is secure.  It also comes with an alternative keypad option for those who don’t have smartphones. The app can be used on both Android and iPhone devices, so no matter what.

2. August Smart Lock – Keyless Home Entry With Your Smartphone

The August Smart Lock is one of the most popular smart locks on the market. It’s also one of the simplest to install and set up. The lock fits over your existing deadbolt and can be installed in minutes without any tools. Once it’s installed, you don’t have to touch it again.

You can lock and unlock your door using your smartphone or any of the other approved devices. If you have an August Smart Keypad, you can even unlock your door using a code instead of your phone. A DoorSense sensor will tell you whether or not your door is open or closed, and you can use this information to send a notice to automatically lock your door if someone leaves without locking it behind them.

The August also has HomeKit compatibility, allowing you to control it from anywhere with Siri voice commands or from within the Home app on iOS devices.

3. Assure Touchscreen Keyless Door Lock Featuring Auto-Lock And Smart Phone App

The Assure lock is a touchscreen deadbolt that has the ability to lock and unlock your door with your phone app. You can also use a 4-8 digit code on the touchscreen keypad to access your home. The Assure smart lock is incredibly simple to install and works with most single cylinder deadbolts. It also features auto-lock after 30 seconds of being unlocked, so you don’t have to worry about locking yourself out of your home.

The app works via Bluetooth connection, so you can control the lock from your smartphone so long as you’re in range (as far as 30 feet away). You can customize up to 25 different user codes for friends, family members, and service providers. You can also track who enters and exits by viewing audit trails of usage history.

When batteries are low, you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone through email or push notification. You can also use the app to check battery levels anytime. To install, simply replace your existing deadbolt with this lock, which fits most standard doors between 1-3/8 inches and 2-1/4 inches thick.

This smart lock also features a backlit touchscreen, so you can easily enter your keypad code at night. It also has an optional voice control feature that works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri for hands-free access.

You can even give temporary codes for visitors that will only allow them access for a certain amount of time!

4. Smart Lock, Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint And Touchscreen Electronic Door Lock

The capacity to lock and unlock your door in a variety of ways is a key feature of a smart door lock. This Smart Bluetooth Door Lock may be opened with a key card or a real key, as well as passcodes and your fingerprint. You can also give service staff or guests a one-time code and withdraw their access at any moment. You can use the Gateway Wi-Fi hub to remotely lock and unlock your door, monitor access logs, and set codes for off-site operations.

Most conventional doors with a 2.125″ diameter hole and a thickness of 1.37″ to 1.88″ can be fitted with the lock. The hardware comes with a setup guide, so you won’t need any locksmith assistance or handyman skills to install it. However, if your door does not have an existing hole, you may require technical knowledge.

5. Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint And Touchscreen Smart Lock

The Ultraloq UL3 BT is a versatile smart lock that can be used as a keypad or with an optional fingerprint reader. Although the Ultraloq also comes with a deadbolt, it’s designed to replace only the inside half of your existing deadbolt, so installation is fast and easy. And unlike most of its competitors, the Ultraloq UL3 BT is compatible with most doors, and doesn’t require that the door frame be perfectly level. It’s also one of the few smart locks on the market that can be operated as a traditional turnkey lock in case you need to change batteries or lose power.

The Ultraloq UL3 BT is powered by four AA batteries, which should last you up to eight months if you use it three times per day. Plus, there’s an LED indicator light on the outside of the lock that will flash red when it’s time to change them out. Using Bluetooth 4.0 technology, you can connect your smartphone to the Ultraloq with ease and monitor activity through the app from anywhere in the world. You can even send virtual keys to family members and guests so they can unlock your door remotely as well.

6. Kwikset 98880-004 SmartCode 888 Smart Lock

If you’re looking for a smart lock for your home, the Kwikset 98880-004 SmartCode 888 Smart Lock is worth a look. It has all the features you would expect out of a quality smart lock at an affordable price.

This lock has a lot going for it, but one thing that really stands out is the way it looks. You don’t have to compromise style to get all the benefits of a smart lock. The Kwikset SmartCode 888 Smart Lock comes in three finishes: Satin Nickel, Polished Brass, and Venetian Bronze. The entire body of the lock is made of metal, so this is not a cheap piece of plastic hardware like some smart locks are. This means that it will last for years and add beauty to your hole as well as security.

The design also includes an LED light strip that clearly displays whether the lock is locked or unlocked. This makes it easy to know at a glance if you’re protected from intruders or not. Another great feature is that you can program up to 30 user codes so everyone in your family can have their own access code and you can keep track of who comes and goes easily with this feature.

7. U-Bolt Pro Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint And Keypad Smart Deadbolt

The U-Bolt Pro is a fingerprint and keypad smart deadbolt. Powered by 4 AA batteries, it can be unlocked digitally with a passcode, or via the smartphone app. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The lock also comes with physical keys for backup access.

The U-Bolt Pro has a built-in alarm that consists of 3 modes: off, entry or forced entry. It will sound an alert if someone tries to tamper with the lock. You can also opt to receive a notification from the app when someone uses their code to unlock the door.

The installation process requires basic DIY skills and should take less than half an hour. No drilling is necessary, so you won’t need to worry about damaging your door if you don’t have experience fitting locks.

8. Kwikset 99420-001 Aura Bluetooth Programmable Keypad Door Lock

Kwikset is one of the best-known names in locks, and this smart lock is an excellent option for those who want a relatively affordable and easy-to-install device that doesn’t require a hub. The Aura Bluetooth Programmable Keypad Door Lock uses three AA batteries, which can last between six months and a year before they need to be replaced. It offers four customizable user codes in addition to a master code, which can be used as a backup if you forget your code or lose your smartphone. You can also use the app to temporarily allow guests access to your home.

The Kwikset app lets you set up notifications so that you know when someone opens or closes the door, whether it’s you or one of your family members. This feature is especially useful for parents who want to know when their children are home from school or for anyone with concerns about security.

The lock works with most standard doors that have a hole bored into them from top to bottom. If your door doesn’t have one already, you’ll need to hire a professional locksmith to install the lock. While it doesn’t come with a built-in alarm system, it does make a loud buzzing noise when someone tries unsuccessfully to unlock the door.

9. Reagle Smart Lock, Bluetooth Keypad Deadbolt, Apple HomeKit Certified

Reagle Smart Lock doesn’t require any extra hardware and operates entirely through Bluetooth. The Reagle Smart Lock is Apple HomeKit-certified, which means it works with Siri, so you can literally say “unlock my front door” to get inside. While many locks have started adding Bluetooth capability to their locks, most don’t have HomeKit compatibility. This is one of the downsides of having a proprietary smart home platform like Apple’s or Amazon’s Alexa. You’re limited to what works with their software and hardware, but it does make it easier to find compatible products.

The Reagle Smart Lock slides into place over your existing deadbolt and extends past your existing lock’s keyhole onto your door’s exterior, where it has its own keypad and an LED screen that displays the status of its lock (keypad in use, locked/unlocked) via symbols.

With a screwdriver, you can easily install the deadbolt on any standard door with a thickness of 1-3/8′′ to 2′′. Setting up the hardware with the phone is simple and takes only a few minutes. The Reagle Smart Deadbolt is a good choice if you want the convenience of keypad access in a lock.

10. Yale Assure Lock SL, Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Deadbolt

The Yale Assure Lock SL is a smart lock that offers all the features you’d expect from a top-of-the-line model, such as the ability to unlock your door using your smartphone and create permanent and temporary access codes for guests. It doesn’t support Wi-Fi or voice commands, but it does work with the Nest Secure alarm system and some home automation hubs. It’s also one of the easiest locks to install by yourself.

While the Yale Assure Lock SL, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Deadbolt doesn’t offer a keypad to enable guests to type in their own codes, it does have an auto-locking feature that locks the door after a set amount of time. That’s great if you want your door to be locked once you’ve left, but it means you can’t leave the door unlocked for friends or family members.


For people who have problems keeping actual keys, door locks that can be accessed via a mobile app and access codes are a perfect solution. Smartphone door locks provide peace of mind by providing off-site services such as remote locking and unlocking, access log monitoring, and door monitoring.

You can buy whichever lock is feasible for you by looking at the features above. Match your requirements with the above explained features and buy that lock which is best for your needs and requirements!

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