How to Reset Fingerprint door lock

Can You Put a Keyless Lock on a Storm Door?

Yes! you can put a keyless lock on a storm door. Follow the steps below for smooth installation of keyless lock on your storm door

How To Install a Keyless Lock on A Storm Door

1. Remove the existing lock from the door. To do this, use a screwdriver to remove all screws from the door frame. Pull up on the lock and disengage it from its mounting hardware.

2. Insert the new keypad into the hole in the face of the door. Slide it until it clicks into place.

3. Insert the new keyless lock into the hole in the face of your storm door. Make sure that you install it far enough so that there is no gap between it and your existing deadbolt assembly, but not so far that it will prevent you from closing or opening your door with a regular key.

4. Reset or program your new Storm Door Keyless Lock by following the manufacturer’s instructions for resetting or programming the device.

Instructions To Install a Keyless Lock on A Storm Door

To successfully unlock your keyless lock on the storm door, you must identify the type of lock you have installed. Keyless Locks are either manually operated or electronically manipulated. So, you can open them using three ways:

  • Using phone applications for the Wi-Fi-enabled locks.
  • Input the PIN Code manually or via phone.
  • Using the right set of fingerprints for the fingerprint-equipped locks.

We have stated below the instructions to lock the keyless locks that are manually operated.

  1. Starting at the bottom of the lock, turn the key counterclockwise to unlock. Note that this is different from turning the key clockwise to unlock.
  2. Push down on the handle of the deadbolt and slide it toward you until it bottoms out against the door. The lock should be unlocked now.
  3. Slide your fingers along both sides of the deadbolt until you feel it click into place. If you do not hear a click, check your finger placement again before proceeding.
  4. Lock your keyless lock by pushing down on its handle and sliding it back toward you until it bottoms out against the doorknob.

Frequently Asked Questions about Installation of Keyless locks on Storm Door

Are Keyless Locks Costly?

Keyless locks are getting increasingly popular, but they are also more expensive than traditional locks.

A typical keyless lock costs about $100 for a basic model, plus about $50 for the key fob. If you want more features, like Bluetooth or built-in sensors, the price can go up even higher.

Keyless systems can be expensive in other ways too. Some models require a hub that connects to your smartphone or tablet, which can add another $50 or so to the cost.

What is the Cost of Installing a Keyless Lock?

The cost of installing a new keyless lock is usually between $200 and $300. This price includes the keyless lock itself, installation, and any additional parts that need to be purchased. The cost of replacing the existing lock with a new one will vary depending on the type of lock and where it needs to be installed.

If you have a traditional deadbolt lock, you can expect to pay between $200 and $300 for installation. If you have an old-fashioned knob-type doorknob, however, you will have to pay more — anywhere from $400 to $700 for installation.

Is it easy To Hack a Keyless lock?

They can be hacked but they are not easy targets. Their vulnerability can be increased due to the owners’ mistakes or negligence. The use of simple and easy passwords, passwords known to many u, users and not taking enough security measures might make your lock susceptible to hacking. Ensure an additional layer of protection in combination with the keyless lock for maximum security.

Why Storm Doors Should Be Used?

The most common door in your home is the front door, which is used to enter and exit the house. This door is also the most exposed to the elements, including rain and snow. The weather conditions can cause water to leak into your home if it is not protected by storm doors.

A storm door helps protect your home from weather-related damage such as wind or rain. All doors should have storm windows installed on at least one side of the frame to prevent water from getting inside. A storm window allows air and light into your home while keeping out debris, bugs, and insects that can cause health problems for you and your family members.

Is it Advantageous to Use Keyless Locks on Screen Porch Doors?

The answer is yes and no. While keyless locks can be used on-screen porch doors, they will not work as well as a keyed lock set. The reason for this is that keyless locks are not designed to withstand the same amount of force as a traditional deadbolt lock set.

When you use a keyless lock on your screen porch door, it will make it easier for someone to gain access to your house if someone besides you has their keys. If you have children or pets, then this could be an issue. It could also be an issue if someone wanted to break into your home at night while everyone was asleep and steal something from inside or even worse harm someone in your family.

If you want to secure your home from unwanted intruders and thieves, then it is important that you use a strong lock set with both deadbolts and bolts on all the doors in your home so that no one can get through them without first getting past all those locks.

Considerations While Buying a Keyless Lock?

If you are planning to get a new keyless lock, then there are certain things that you need to consider before making your purchase decision. The following are some of these things:

The size of the lock: There are distinct types of keyless locks available in the market today; therefore, it is important that you choose one that matches your door size. The wrong size can make it difficult for you to open the door when needed and vice versa.

The type of technology used: Most modern-day keyless locks use radio frequency technology rather than mechanical keys or switches because they offer better security protection against intruders as well as better energy efficiency.


Keyless locks allow us to be secure in our homes at our convenience, but you should take the necessary precautions. To install a keyless lock on your storm door, take precise measurements and choose the ideal one for that application.

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