Gatehouse Deadbolt Removal

4 Easy Ways Of Removing Gatehouse Deadbolt

Many people live in gated communities or apartment buildings where access cards are needed to open secured gates. People who live in these kinds of environments feel agitated over losing their keys since it can be very stressful.

There are no keys for your residence, and the gate’s locking mechanism is safe. You are responsible for taking out the lock by yourself. But how would you go about doing that? If you know how to remove a deadbolt using several techniques, this procedure will be easy even if you’ve never worked with a gatehouse deadbolt before.

How To Remove Gatehouse Deadbolt: Techniques

1. Thin Piece of Metal

To do this, most people place a thin metal plate over the slot and raise the pins until they touch the shear line. Once they are assembled, they are easy to disassemble. If you happen to have a knife, bobby pin, or paper clip on hand, you can use it for this.

2. Pliers

Using a tool made especially for the job is the best approach to removing a lock. Nevertheless, much strength is needed to unlock the lock using this method. This is how a gatehouse deadbolt is typically removed.

Just insert the tools into the keyhole and twist them to remove it easily. Since certain lock types have holes that are too small for the pliers to fit inside, this method might not work for all lock brands. Any tool that fits inside the keyhole will work if you don’t have pliers.

3. Breaker Bar and Screwdriver

Use a breaker bar or another prying tool to pop off the lid or cover plate covering the deadbolt cylinder mechanism if there are no visible screws on either side of the lock. After removing this, use a screwdriver to remove any more screws holding the deadbolt locking mechanism in place. Next, take it out of the housing that it is in inside the door frame.

If the screws are visible on the rear of the lock, you must first remove them. First, use pliers or a similar instrument to remove the deadbolt from its frame thoroughly. Then, to release the lock, insert your screwdriver into each of its two holes and twist.

4. Cut the Bolts

There are various ways to chop the nuts. Use a straight edge or angle grinder to remove the nuts. To do this, take out the screws from the top of the lock and use an angle grinder to cut the nuts. However, if you use this approach wrong, it could damage your lock, so it is not recommended.

Cutting the nuts with a hacksaw or bolt cutter is an additional choice. Perfect if you don’t want to shell out a lot of money for a new lock but still want to maintain the condition of your current one.


Any of these will assist you in escaping if you become locked inside and are unable to pick the lock. If trying to break the lock on your own doesn’t work, you’ll need to acquire expert assistance.

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