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Gatehouse Electronic Deadbolt Programming Instructions

Your gatehouse electronic deadbolt is a keyless entry device that’s used to provide access control to your home or business. Your device has a touchpad which you can use for accessing the deadbolt, for locking and unlocking it, giving limited access to people who have permission to enter, or for setting up special features like codes or calendars. You can program compatible gatehouse deadbolts using a key switch code. This means you’ll still be able to use your traditional keys alongside your touchpad on the device.

So, are you looking for Gatehouse Electronic Deadbolt Programming Instructions? If so, look no further. Here they are in all their glory. Or should I say, “in their awesome-sauce?” Everything you ever wanted to know about programming your Gatehouse deadbolts is right here. You’re welcome.

How To Change The Programming Code On A Gatehouse Electronic Deadbolt?

Programming Code On A Gatehouse Electronic Deadbolt

Your deadbolt will come with a default code which can be any number. To protect yourself from security hazards, you need to change the code on the lock which you will find inside the packaging. To change the code, you need to make sure you know these two things.

  • The four-digit code that came with your lock (usually on a sticker inside the packaging).
  • The six-digit code that you want to use as your new programming code for the lock.

You’ll then want to follow these steps:

  1. First, press and hold “LOCK” until the indicator light turns green, then release.
  2. Then enter the factory-default four-digit code that came with your lock (you’ll hear two beeps).
  3. Now press “LOCK” again and enter your six-digit programming code (you’ll hear two more beeps).
  4. Press and hold “LOCK” again until the indicator light turns green (you’ll hear three beeps).
  5. That’s it! You’ve just programmed your gatehouse electronic deadbolt and you are good to go.

How To Add A User Code On Your Gatehouse Electronic Lock?

The Gatehouse Electronic Lock is a safe, easy-to-use electronic lock that can be installed on your home. It allows you to add up to 19 unique user codes and comes with a master code that gives you the ability to unlock the lock at any time. If you are looking to add a new user code to your Gatehouse Electronic Lock, you can do so by following these simple steps.

  1. Press and hold down “0” for about five seconds.
  2. The LED will flash green as soon as you’ve held down the “0” button for long enough.
  3. The LED will then flash red to indicate that the device is ready for programming.
  4. Enter your unique four-digit user code (this cannot be the same as your master code).
  5. The LED light will flash green to confirm that the user code has been added successfully.
  6. Your new user code should now be ready to use!

How To Delete/Reset User Codes On A Gatehouse Electronic Lock

If you have a Gatehouse electronic door lock and need to delete or reset your user codes for any reason, follow the steps below.

  1. Press the “Lock” button.
  2. Enter your existing code (or existing master code if you are the original owner of the lock). The lock will beep once.
  3.  Press the “Program” button once. The keypad will light up green and beep three times.
  4. Enter the code you wish to delete (or “0000” if you are deleting all user codes). You will hear a long beep followed by three short beeps to confirm that the code has been deleted.
  5. Repeat Step 4 for each additional code you wish to delete.
  6. If you have deleted all user codes, enter “7777” to restore access for yourself (if you are not the original owner of the lock, contact your landlord).

Deleting All Existing User Codes At Once

If you have a Gatehouse Electronic Lock, you know that the keypad can store up to eight user codes at once. It might be that you’ve decided to clear out all existing codes and start from scratch. Or it could be that one or two of your codes have become compromised and you want to change them all just in case. Either way, deleting multiple user codes at once is easier than you might think.

  1. Start by entering your master code, which is usually set at the factory as “1-2-3-4.” You’ll see “PROG” appear on the screen for about five seconds, letting you know that the system is ready to accept new programming instructions.
  2. Now, if you want to delete all existing user codes at once, press “9” on the keypad and wait for the “PROG” message to reappear on the screen.
  3. The system will then flash twice, letting you know that all of your user codes have been deleted successfully.
  4. If any of the numbers 1-8 were accidentally pressed while entering this command, only those particular user codes will be deleted—no harm done!

How To Reset A Gatehouse Electronic Lock To Its Factory Settings

Many of Gatehouse Electronic locks use a factory-set code, which is found on a sticker inside the battery compartment. You can reset this code as needed if you want to change the security measures on your door.

  1. Pull the battery compartment cover off of the side of the electronic lock.
  2. Remove the two AA batteries. Set them aside; you will need them later when you reset the lock’s settings.
  3. Hold down both the Program button and the A button at the same time. The red light labeled “Status” will flash while you continue to hold them down. Once it flashes three times, release both buttons.
  4. It has now returned to the default settings and you can use the default code provided to you when you bought the lock.

How To Lock And Unlock A Gatehouse Electronic Lock

When you have a gatehouse like this, it’s nice to be able to close the gate and lock it. Because the gate is a part of the house, it’s important to keep it secured and locked. To do that you’ll need to know how to lock and unlock the electronic lock.

  • Locking from outside: Close the door properly and then press the lock button to lock the door.
  • Unlocking from outside: Enter the code to unlock.
  • Unlocking from inside: Turn the lock to vertical position and the door will be unlocked.

Enabling Auto Lock Function

The Gatehouse Electronic Lock has been designed to provide easy access to your home or office. The lock will automatically lock the door after 4 seconds of inactivity. You can disable or re-enable this feature by following the instructions below.

  1. Remove the cover and find the auto lock function.
  2. Once you find it, switch it to ON position to enable it.
  3. If you want to disable it, simply switch to OFF position.

Gatehouse Electronic Lock Problems And Troubleshooting

1. Why Is My Gatehouse Electronic Lock Flashing Yellow?

If your electronic Gatehouse lock has a flashing yellow light, it means that the batteries need to be recharged or replaced. This is especially common if you have recently changed the batteries or have been using them for more than a year. You can recharge your Gatehouse lock’s batteries by connecting the power cord to an electrical outlet.

2. Why Can’t I Change My Gatehouse Lock Programming Code?

You need to enter your code within the specified time which is 10 seconds. If you can’t, that means you didn’t enter the code within 10 seconds when you reach the window which asked you to enter the code.

3. Why Is My Red LED Light Still On After The Setting Is Complete?

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you have waited for at least five seconds after completing the last step in the programming process.

If it has been more than five seconds and the red light is still on, then manually lock and unlock your door several times with your key. Then try to program the device again.

Your next step will be to check your batteries. If they are dead, replace them with two brand new ones and try to program again.

4. How Do You Reprogram A Gatehouse Electronic Deadbolt?

The first thing that you should do when trying to reprogram your gatehouse electronic deadbolt is to reset it to factory settings and then starting the process again. Look at the manual that comes with your lock. This manual will give you all of the information that you need in order to successfully reprogram your gatehouse electronic deadbolt.


So that’s it! As you can see, programming a Gatehouse electronic lock is easy, so long as you know how the keypad works and how to use them. It’s also important to remember that these locks are just part of the security system.

Don’t forget to make sure all your other doors have deadbolt locks, and keep in mind that a safe is a great place to keep valuables under lock and key too. While installing a new door handle might seem like an intimidating task at first, once you get started, you’ll find it isn’t so bad.

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