Marantec Keypad Not Working

Marantec Keypad Not Working [Troubleshooting Guide]

It is a shame to have your door open when someone knocks, right? Well, it’s no different with garage doors. It can cause serious damage.

It doesn’t matter how safe your home is; someone can still break in now and then. Being able to use a code to keep your doors closed is very helpful if someone tries to break them down. What will happen if the keyboard stops working?

Things To Try If Your Marantec Keypad Is Not Working

If your Marantec keypad isn’t working, do not panic. There are issues that you can check to see if the door for your garage starts working again.

1. Check Battery

First, make sure that the batteries are properly put in the box. Then make sure the keyboard has new batteries inside. Flip it over and press the button on top to do this. It should open up like a clamshell to show the battery area. Inside, you’ll find two 9-volt batteries. It’s time for new batteries if they aren’t held in place by plastic or metal tabs or if there is corrosion in the battery box. Take out the old ones and put in the new ones.

2. Check the Wires

Check to see if there are any broken or loose lines while the power is on. If the lines from the keypad are not plugged into the control box, do so now. If they are already plugged in and you still can’t get in, take them out of the hook and plug them back in. This will see if any of the connections are loose.

3. Check for Receiver

Make sure the receiver has power next. If you have one of those fancy garage door openers that plug into a wall outlet, you might have unplugged it by accident when you were cleaning out your garage or moving things around for a project.

your garage door might have a defective receiver. You may check the receiver and replace it if necessary. The receiver is usually located near the motor unit of your garage door opener. If you don’t have any idea how to check and replace the receiver, you can call a professional technician to help you in doing this task.

4. Keypad Set to Wrong Settings

Most of the time, the problem is that it has been set to the wrong settings. To fix your keypad, try the following:

  1. Turn off your system.
  2. Turn on your system and press the learn button on your motor control unit. This will put your control unit into program mode. The light on the motor control unit should begin blinking. If it does not begin blinking, then you need to refer to your manual for instructions on how to correctly enter program mode. If it does blink, then proceed with step 3 below.
  3. Press the enter button on your keypad and hold it for about 2 seconds. It will beep once when you press it and twice when you release it. This should have reset your keypad back to the factory default settings.

5. Reprogram the Keypad

If, after doing all of those things, the keypad still doesn’t work, you can restart it by doing what’s below. First, type in your four-digit security code. Then, press and hold the learn button on the motor head unit until It lights up. It’s then time to enter your four-digit security code again. Press and hold the learn button until the light goes out.


The above steps will hopefully work and if after following all the above steps, it still doesn’t work, you’ll need to call technical assistance who can get it done for you.

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