Schlage Connect Programming Code Not Working

Schlage Connect Programming Code Not Working? [Fixed]

Schlage Lock Programming requires to enter first 6 Digit programming code. So in order to first make any necessary changes, the code must work first.

If your Schlage Connect Programming is not working, there might be some issue with the code or a defect in the lock. The quick fixes for this problem is to make sure that you are using the right user code or factory reset it to drain the glitch.

Don’t worry we will be explaining both the suggested methods in detail to make it easier for you.

Quick Fix For The Schlage Connect Programming Code Not Working

1. Make sure that the Right Programming Code is entered

The Schlage Connect Default Programming Code can be found on the back of the user manual, or on the back of the Alarm Assembly on a sticker. But it is highly recommended that you change the default code, which you most probably did.

So if you’ve earlier changed the default Programming Code, you cannot use it again to program your lock anymore. That means you have to use the current code. Make sure that you are using the right programming code to unlock the Schlage lock. But if you are sure that you are using the correct programming code then it might be some other issue. So stay tune to find out.

2. Restore to Factory Setting to Fix the Glitch

A factory reset is the only way to restore your Schlage FE595 keypad deadbolt to its original settings. This process erases all of your personal information from the lock, including any codes you’ve programmed into it. You should perform a factory reset on your Schlage FE595 keypad deadbolt if the lock has stopped working and you’ve tried every other troubleshooting method without success.

  1. Remove the battery from your Schlage FE595 keypad deadbolt (if possible).
  2. After the battery has been removed for at least 30 seconds, replace it and leave it in place for another 30 seconds.
  3. Press any button on the Schlage FE595 keypad deadbolt — this will cause it to reboot itself and perform a factory reset automatically.

Change the Default Codes in Schlage Connect

After you have reset your lock, now have the default Programming Code along with two User Codes, which you need to alter to guarantee security. Let’s begin with how to change the default Programming Code:

  1. Identify the default Programming Code which is present either on the backside of the keypad assembly or on the front of the user manual printed on a white sticker.
  2. Write down the default Programming Code and stand by for the Schlage button to flash three orange lights accompanied by the lock beep three times. Afterwards, press the Schlage button.
  3. Press number 3 on keypad and pause while the Schlage button to shine three orange lights along with the lock beep three times.
  4. Enter a new Programming Code (6 digits) and then wait for the Schlage button to illuminate orange light three times with the lock beeps three times.
  5. Now Re-enter the new Programming Code. If successful, the Schlage button will light green, succeeded by one long beep.

And that’s everything you need to do to replace the default Programming Code with a code of your choice. You can now use the new code for all the programming function changes/settings you want to make.

Change 4 Digit User Code in Schlage Connect

You can set four different codes, called user codes, and each one will open the door. If you want to add or change one of these user codes, it’s easy to do so using the keypad on the lock itself. The lock comes with two default user codes which needs to be deleted before you can add your own new user codes. Although the codes have already been deleted but when you restore the lock to factory settings, all the default codes are restored which means that you have to delete them again.

1. Delete the Default User Codes

  1. Give in your current Programming Code in the system and stand by for the Schlage button to illuminate orange lights three times along with the lock beeps three times. Next, press down the Schlage button.
  2. Press number 6 on the keypad and hold on for three orange lights from the Schlage button, pursued by three beeps.
  3. Enter your Programming Code after the above steps to complete the process.

Now that all the user codes are deleted, you can add new user codes. You need new user codes to lock/unlock the door via the keypad. Keep in mind that you will not be able to unlock or lock the door if you don’t create the new user codes after deleting the default ones.

2. Add a New User Code

  1. You need to enter first your current programming code and afterwards press the Schlage button. This will put the lock back in programming mode.
  2. Then you should press number 1 on keypad and after that add a new User Code which should be consisting of 4 to 8 Digits.
  3. To complete the process re – enter the User Code.

Related Questions

1. How can I find my Schlage Lock programming code?

Your programming code can be found on a sticker that comes with the lock you purchased. If your lock did not come with this sticker, you will find your programming code on the lock itself. It will be next to the battery compartment.

2. Why Is my Schlage Connect blinking red?

Red light on a smart lock indicates an error condition. In most cases, the issue is caused by a software update that failed. A failed update could be caused by weak internet connection, busy network, power failure or other issues during the installation of your application or firmware update.


If any such programming code problem has occurred, don’t worry it will only take a few minutes along with the rights steps to resolve the issue.

You can resolve the Connect Programming Code issue in Schlage issue by dong a factory reset, and afterwards using the default programming code to reboot it.

Above stated methods can be used to remove the glitch in FE575, and BE469 Schlage Encode and virtually in all Schlage Keypad Locks.

We hope that this article helped you solve your problem.

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