Sentry Safe Keypad not Working

Sentry Safe Keypad Not Working [Fixed]

One of the safest ways to keep your valuables out of sight and out of harm’s way is to put them in a sentry safe. The main issue with storing jewels in a regular safe or a vault is that they could break down. You will try to open the safe by putting your password or PIN, but it won’t open.

It can be frustrating when your sentry safe keypad stops working on you. It’s also annoying when you don’t know what to do to fix your sentry-safe keypad. Follow the tips in this article to solve the problem.

Five Reasons Why Your Sentry Safe Won’t Open

1. Bolt’s work is Jammed

The first thing you should do if your safe won’t open is move the handle. A safe often won’t open because the bolts are stuck. A bolt system that doesn’t work right or dirt and rust in the bolt work can both cause this.

To fix a bolt that won’t move, first push the handle down. To do this, put one end of the pry bar on the ground and push down on the handle with that end. If this doesn’t work, you might want to try something else, like spraying grease into the locking mechanism or even taking apart and putting back together parts of the locking mechanism yourself.

2. Batteries are Dead

The most common reason for a safe lock to refuse to open is dead batteries. If you have tried the combination several times and have received no response from the lock mechanism, check the batteries.

The LED on some safes will flash slowly when batteries are low and may blink for several minutes after a low battery warning has been given. This means the safe will still open, but the batteries need to be replaced soon.

3. Lockout Mode or Time Delay

If your safe has a lockout mode (sometimes called time delay), you may have triggered it by entering an incorrect combination too many times. You’ll have to wait until the lockout period has ended (these modes typically last from three to 10 minutes) before trying again.

4. Code is Deactivated

If you have a keypad safe that uses a code or combination to open the door, your safe may have been deactivated. Try having someone else run their code and see if that works.

5. Wires are Disconnected/Damaged

You may be having trouble connecting if your electronic safe won’t open even after you enter the proper code. It’s likely because the wiring is either broken or unplugged if this is the case.

You can tell if this is a problem by hearing a beep when you enter the code on your keypad. This will let you know if the keypad is getting power. There may be a problem with the wires if there is no beep. There may also be damage or loose wires that you can see in and around the keyboard itself. Check to see if any of them are too stretched or have been disconnected from their chains.

Any links that are too loose should be tightened up, and any wires that have come off should be put back on. In addition, if it looks like one of them is broken and needs to be replaced, please call a locksmith for help!

If none of the above work and the safe still won’t open, you’ll need to call someone who knows how to open safes.

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