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SMONET Smart Lock Review: How Secure Is The Lock?

There are many smart locking systems on the market today. But SMONET is unique, because it leaves the question “how secure is SMONET smart lock?” The SMONET Smart Lock comes with a keypad that can resist punching, scratching and other forms of tampering, which means it should be able to stand up to attempts to gain access by force. Just like the Schlage Connect lever lock, it is also self-installed and should only take you about 15 minutes to set up. This makes it ideal for those who need quick and easy security for their home.

In this post, we’ll give you review of two SMONET smart locks in detail. Therefore, you are requested to stick till the end.

SMONET Smart Locks Review

SMONET Touchscreen Keyless Door Lock (SMUS-AM)

1. Security

This smart lock is an ideal solution for single family homes, condos, apartments, and other residential buildings with a need for controlled access. The electronic door locks are equipped with Bluetooth and NFC technologies, allowing you to unlock the door using your smartphone or code. The product is also equipped with fingerprint technology, a keypad lock, and a digital key. It comes in either a left or right-handed version, so you can choose whichever suits your personal needs best. The sleek design allows it to be installed on almost any standard door, which helps you in keeping your house secure and safe.

It has an anti-peep password feature that lets you enter your PIN backwards to add extra security. However, there is a downside to this system i.e., it is vulnerable to lock picks. It might not be clear if it can resist lock picking or not.

2. Remote Access

The lock uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with the phone app (available on both iOS and Android) which allows you to unlock the door remotely, create temporary access codes for guests and track who enters your home.

You need to purchase the SMONET Wi-Fi bridge to access the Wi-Fi on it. That is one downside of the system.

3. Batteries

The SMONET Touchscreen Keyless Door Lock (SMUS-AM) is powered by four AA batteries. The batteries can be expected to last between 1 and 3 months, depending on usage patterns. The lock will indicate when the batteries are low, and it is recommended that you replace them within a short period of time. Failure to replace the batteries can result in the lock not being able to open or close properly.

4. Access Codes

It can store about 500 access codes which is a huge plus point. These codes can be shared with anyone to enter the building. This system will be very good for buildings having multiple offices with every office having different code to access the building.

5. Voice Assistant

This model also comes with a backup key and voice assistant to help you make sure you never get locked out again. Just say the words to voice assistant and you will get in.

6. Keyway

If the battery drains out and you are not using assistant, then a key can be used to get in.

SMONET Fingerprint Smart Deadbolt (ZNS-Y001)

The SMONET Fingerprint Smart Deadbolt is a heavy-duty lock from the future. Equipped with state-of-the-art biometrics and RFID technology, it can easily be programmed for up to 20 people, leaving you with peace of mind about letting your family, employees or neighbors in when you aren’t home or just don’t want to get up.

Here are some of the features of this system.

1. Security

Smonet locks the door after 5 minutes of inactiveness. The door also gets locked whenever a wrong code is entered multiple times.

The Lock features three different access methods: fingerprint access, PIN code access, and remote Bluetooth key fob access.

The lock can hold up to 100 fingerprint records with unlimited codes and fobs, so it’s also a great option for larger families or businesses with multiple employees or guests who will need access to a building or room.

This deadbolt comes with two keys and has the option for users to create additional traditional keys for their own use if needed. Therefore, it is not immune to the attacks.

2. Remote Access

This is a great smart lock for those looking for a keyless solution with remote access. It’s not as feature-rich as some other models, but it’s easy to install and use, and it also allows family members to access the door with their smartphones via an app.

Still, there are a few things to keep in mind before you buy this lock. First, while the remote access feature works well, it does require that the lock be connected to your home Wi-Fi network. This means that if your Internet service ever goes out, you won’t be able to open your door remotely. And keep in mind that if you want to provide temporary access to someone else (like a dog walker or housekeeper), you will have to give them your Wi-Fi password—something not everyone is comfortable doing.

And second, this lock doesn’t offer any smart home compatibility, so it can’t integrate into your existing smart home system.

The SMONET Fingerprint Smart Deadbolt (ZNS-Y001) is a great choice for those who want the ease of remote access without having to purchase an entirely new smart home system or giving out their Wi-Fi password.

3. Entry Modes

The lock has five different entry modes—fingerprint, mobile app, access codes, IC card, and mechanical key. Switch between any of the methods you prefer.

4. Voice Control

It is compatible with voice assistant like the SMONET Touchscreen Keyless Door Lock (SMUS-AM). You can use the voice assistant to control your assistant and enter the building.

5. Batteries

The lock runs on four AA batteries, which are good for about 300 different operations. There’s no telling what kind of battery life to expect in this kind of device. It depends entirely on how long you hold the finger on the scanner or how many numbers you enter into the keypad. But we do know that the deadbolt has an indicator light that will flash when the batteries start running out.


The above mentioned SMONET smart locks are dependable solutions for your home or workplace if you want a safe smart lock with remote access and numerous entry modes.

However, as previously stated, the locks may not be fully impervious to burglary because they feature keyholes that could be exploited by lock picking and bumping.

If you’ve already purchased an SMONET smart lock, make sure it’s properly fitted to get the most out of it. The user manual contains further information about installation, troubleshooting, resetting, and other topics.

We hope this article was helpful in getting the required information for your work!

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