Stack On Safe keypad not working

Stack On Safe Keypad Not Working [Solved]

Hi, if you’re reading this article then you’ve encountered a problem we’ve seen quite often in the past few months. You’re trying to enter a code using your keypad because that’s the kind of safe you have (a stack on) and it’s not working! It seems this is a new problem and most likely caused by the way these safes work.

Reasons For The Safe Keypad Not Working

The Safe Keypad is a programmable electronic keypad that allows you to enter a 4-digit PIN by touching any of the numbered keys. The 4 most common reasons for the safe not working are

  • Low battery
  • Improper handle position
  • Delayed response time
  • Lockout mode

1. Low Battery

If your Stack-On electronic safe is not responding to your keypad inputs, first check the battery. The safe uses 9-volt batteries and is in the battery compartment behind the keypad. Many times, when the code is entered and it does not work, a low battery is to blame. The batteries last approximately one year, depending on use. If the batteries are low, replace them with new 9-volt batteries and try your code again. If this doesn’t work, proceed to Step 2.

2. Improper Handle Position

The next thing to check is that the safe handle is in the locked position before entering your combination. When the handle is in the locked position, it will be flush with the front of the safe. When it is unlocked, it will stick out from the front of the safe. If you have a newer model safe with an LED display on it, this may help you see if you are in the correct position. If the LED screen reads OPERATE then you are in the correct position and can enter your code. If it reads CLOSE, press down on the handle to lock it and try again.

3. Delayed Response Time

Response time is one of the security characteristics built into a high-security stack on safe locks. The handle must be turned within a few seconds of entering the combination. The exact time varies by manufacturer but is usually in the range of a few seconds. If the combination is entered and time passes, the lock is re-locked, requiring the combination to be re-entered to unlock the security safe.

4. Lockout Mode

If your Stack-On safe is not opening even after entering the correct combination, it has likely been locked out. A Stack-On safe will lock itself out of operation for three minutes if an incorrect PIN code is entered three times in a row. This is a security feature designed to stop anyone from guessing your combination. You must wait for the safe to unlock itself or use the manual override key to open it.


These types of locks help you in keeping your stuff safe and secure. If you get tired of all the problems with the safe, you will need to realize that these measures are all there for your safety. If you face any sort of problems regarding locks, come back here anytime.

If these steps don’t work, call technical support who knows these sorts of locks.

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