Vingcard Door Lock Manual Troubleshooting

Vingcard Door Lock Manual Troubleshooting [5 Easy Steps]

Looking to open your door with an even more advanced system than ever before? The VingCard electric door locks are perfect for commercial or residential buildings. These devices help ensure the safety of your children and family as you’re at home or away from your home doing daily routine activities.

The VingCard Electronic Door Lock has been around for almost two decades, built with a variety of internal and external components that result in a long list of potential problems. While some issues may not be major, other problems (such as an inoperable LED panel or motor) can become major with time. However, it’s not like every problem is unsolvable. Follow the following steps for Vingcard Door Lock Manual troubleshooting.

Steps To Get The Vingcard Door Lock Working Again

1. Check the Battery

VingCard locks are powered by batteries, and on occasion, a battery will die. If your lock uses a battery, you might not be able to get it to open at all—or the door might unlock but only partially open. To check the battery, remove the slot cover from the inside of the door and take out the four AA batteries stored inside. If they’re low on power, swap them for new ones. (Note: don’t use rechargeable batteries in your VingCard lock).

2. Check For Any Obstruction

The door might not be able to fully open even after you change the batteries. There could be something blocking the way. If you put furniture or bags too close to the door, it might not open all the way. Before you use your key card again, make sure there is enough space for the door to open.

3. Check For A Magnetic Stripe On The Card

It could also be that the magnetic stripe on the back of the card has become demagnetized and can no longer hold a charge. If this is the case, you would need to get a replacement keycard from your hotel management.

4. Resetting The Door Lock

Resetting your VingCard door lock is a cinch. If your lock has a “reset” button, simply press, and hold it for three seconds and the light on top of the lock should turn red. This means it’s resetting. When the light turns green again, release the button. If there isn’t a reset button, hold down the “open” button for about five to ten seconds until you hear the motor on the lock open and close. Once you do that, the door should be reset and ready to go!

5. Trying An Alternative Technique To Open The Door

To try a different technique to open the door, insert a thin piece of metal (like a straightened paper clip) into the small hole just below where you insert the key card (see image). Pressing down on that switch will allow you to turn the handle and open the door. It doesn’t matter if you have an old card or no card at all, so long as you have access to that small hole in the bottom of the locking mechanism (that is if your door opens inwards and not outwards).


The above steps should work but if you are in a hotel and the process doesn’t work, please go to reception for assistance or ask a hotel staff member to help you open your door using their master keycard. Alternatively, if you are at home and don’t have a Mastercard, call technical support who can help in this regard.

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