Kwikset SmartCode Lock Won't Unlock

Kwikset SmartCode Lock Won’t Unlock? [Fixed]

If your Kwikset SmartCode does not get unlocked after entering a valid user code and you are locked out, the immediate solutions to fix this problem are:

  1. First & Foremost make sure that a valid user code is used to unlock the door.
  2. A physical key can always be used to unlock if the user code does not works.
  3. As a final solution consult the Kwikset technical support or locksmith to unlock it.

Kwikset SmartCode Unlock Issue: Potential Reasons and Quick Fixes

1. Check the Batteries

If you are having trouble with your Kwikset smart code lock, it could be that the batteries need to be replaced. This is a very simple process, and will only take a few minutes of your time. The first thing that you will want to do is remove the battery cover from the back of your lock. Once removed, you should see two AA batteries inside of it. Remove these batteries, and replace them with new ones. Make sure that they are placed in correctly before replacing the cover onto your lock once again.

2. Check Your Wiring

If replacing the batteries does not work, check your wiring because there may be an issue with it. This could mean that you have a loose wire or one that needs to be reconnected properly so that it works correctly again.

In some instances, users may find that their Kwikset smart code locks no longer work because of problems related to the wiring inside of their home or office building. If this is the case for you, then we suggest contacting a professional locksmith who can help resolve this issue for you quickly and easily without causing any damage to your property or belongings along the way.

3. Invalid User Code

This is a common error that happens with many smart locks, including the Kwikset Smart Code. The most common cause of this error is when you enter the wrong user code into your lock. Before you can unlock the smart lock, you must first input the correct 6-digit user code. If you have entered the wrong code more than 3 times, your Kwikset SmartCode will be locked out for 30 minutes. If you continue to enter incorrect codes after 30 minutes, then your smart lock will be locked out for 24 hours.

4. Bug

Even after following all the solutions the lock is still not working, it is a bug. It can be removed by retting the lock to factory settings. We have listed a step by step solution on how you can factory reset the Kwikset SmartCode Lock.

Factory Resetting a Kwikset SmartCode Lock:

  1. Remove the battery from the back of your Kwikset SmartCode Deadbolt without removing the cover.
  2. Press and hold down both buttons simultaneously for approximately ten seconds until you see all four LED’s light up in a random sequence.
  3. Release both buttons and wait until all four LED’s begin flashing rapidly (approximately five seconds). You should now see two LED’s lit up green and two LED’s lit up orange. The lock should now be reset and ready for use!

It should be noted that after resetting your lock it will eliminate all the former programming so you need to reprogram it again.

4. Door Handing Process Not Done

The Kwikset SmartCode and other models require its users to carry out the “Door Handing Process” on its first installation or after you have restored it to factory settings.

The door handing mechanism enables the SmartCode lock to dictate if the deadbolt faces right or left. This process is necessary because without it your lock will not function electronically.

If you have installed your lock for the very first time or recently restored it to factory settings, make sure to perform the door handing process. Otherwise, the lock won’t work electronically.

The Door Handing Process is as follows:

  1. Remove the battery from the back of your Kwikset SmartCode Deadbolt without removing the cover.
  2. First you need to press and hold down the program button and afterwards put the battery pack back inside while you are still holding the power button.
  3. After you have successfully placed the battery back inside, release the power button.
  4. After completing the above steps you need to press and hold down the program button again. The latch bolt will determine the movement of the door by extending and retracting.

After you have performed the process, if the status flashes green light it means it was successfully done. But if red light flashes it means that the process was not completed.


Although you can fix your Kwikset lock that refuses to unlock through factory reset &changing batteries or wiring, it might not always be the case. Sometimes the issue can be more than a glitch. In that case ask for assistance from the Kwikset Customer Service.

We are always glad to be of service.

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